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The Energy Excellence Awards program uniquely recognizes not only energy excellence, but focuses on the advancement of collaboration within Canada’s energy industry. This new program draws attention to winning formulas, environmental performance, supply chain sophistication, community and business collaboration, that delivers innovation, operational and exporting excellence.

The four key objectives of the program are to:

  • Share purposeful information and generate relevant connections for producers, suppliers and consultants within the industry.
  • Convene key stakeholders for purposeful discussions and business development.
  • Guide industry through challenges, make connections, point to new solutions and derive notable economic returns.
  • Recognize and accelerate the adoption of best practices, as it relates to operational excellence, research, innovation, supply chain management, channel collaboration and exporting.

Canada’s energy industry champions in operational and project excellence, innovation and research excellence, and exporting excellence were announced in May at the first annual Daily Oil Bulletin Energy Excellence Awards event. 

Selected from over 90 nominees from across Canada’s energy industry, champions were chosen in 12 specialty subcategories within the broader categories of operational, innovation and exporting excellence.

The Building a Collaborate Culture report showcases the successful collaboration in the industry in driving operational and project success, innovation and research commercialization and exporting growth. 

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