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What is Asset Integrity Management?

Asset integrity is a critical issue facing both producers and pipeline operators. Ensuring proper functionality of your assets improves efficiency and helps your bottom line. Effective leak detection, proper data and life cycle management will help keep your company regulatory compliant.

Pipeline integrity needs to be elevated to the same level as safety. Just like safety, everyone wins when there are no incidents and everyone loses when there are. To reach this level, industry needs to be collaborate and be open in sharing experiences, insights and best practices.

On September 8, 2016, JWN hosted an asset integrity themed event sponsored by Siemens. The event, How to Mitigate Risk and Improve Efficiency Through Asset Integrity, brought together asset management professionals with the intent to accelerate the learning and derive tangible results that can be be shared across industry.

The event consisted of a collaborative workshop to discuss challenges and share insights and best practices around asset integrity management by answering the following four questions.

1. How has the notion of downtime, equipment failure, operational efficiency and safety changed the way that companies operate over the last few years?

2. What are the demands of the business, from an operational efficiency, quality and safety perspective, that are being asked of by internal clients? What kind of new challenges is this introducing and what programs/solutions does your organization have to deal with it?

3. What are your organization’s top three Asset Integrity Management priorities and how do you plan on executing on them?

4. How do you communicate the importance of implementing asset integrity internally within your organization? What are some of the organizational barriers to adoption?

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Asset Integrity professionals in the roles of:

• Manager, Business Development
• VP, Operations & Development
• Director, Corporate Services & Data Mangement
• Pipeline Engineering & Integrity Specialist
• Midstream Product & Operation Manager
• President & CEO

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