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On February 7, 2017, JWN, and our partner SAS, met with 76 technology-focused oil and gas professionals to discuss the current challenges in the Canadian oil and gas industry and the power of data analytics solutions to drive operational efficiencies and cost savings in the midst of the energy downturn. 

In the summary report, four key themes are presented with insights, from the workshop participants, and recommendations. As well, as two use cases, that have demonstrated the highest ROI, are also presented;

  • Predictive Maintenance 
  • Production Asset Optimization

Both focus on maintaining existing assets at optimum levels and minimizing costly downtime. At a time when maximizing efficiency is paramount, these use cases offer the greatest potential to improve 
efficiency, decrease costs and strengthen the bottom line.

To find out how to realize your organizations full potential and harness the power of the analytics download your complimentary copy of the summary report, Conquering the Digital Divide in the Midst of the Downturn. 

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