DOB Corporate Guidance

Oil and gas producers across Canada and the U.S. release their 2019 corporate guidance in late 2018 and early 2019. Guidance data is highly anticipated by senior decision makers in the industry. It provides essential insights regarding production outlook and planned capital investment (including drilling programs) for the upcoming year.

  • Producers use it for peer group comparison and review against 2018 guidance.
  • Suppliers use it for strategic planning and business development.

The Daily Oil Bulletin (DOB) is the most trusted source of exclusive news, data and analysis for Canada’s oil and gas industry. Starting November 20, the DOB will deliver in-depth data and analysis of 2019 corporate guidance.

This will include:

  • Updated weekly – Guidance data reports on capital expenditures, production and wells drilled for all publicly listed U.S. and Canadian E&P companies.
  • Three special reports thru March 2019 analyzing what the latest guidance means to producers and suppliers.


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Guidance data package (Excel format)

  • Final 2018 and latest 2019 Corporate Guidance for Canadian and U.S. oil and gas producers.
  • Updated and delivered weekly.

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