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Thinking about going global?

Going Global: Helping Canadian Companies Navigate International Opportunities provides the inside intelligence, practical advice and tools needed to become successful global exporters. The study also offers insight into the probability of Canadian industry competencies gaining successful market traction in each of the countries.

Who is this report for?

•    Service and Supply industry
•    Oil and gas technology firms
•    Manufacturing companies
•    Exploration and Production companies

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Example of data inside the Going Global Report.

Export challenges identified in report by service and technology company leaders:

1. Finding Opportunity 
2. Changing Market Conditions
3. Limited Sales Channels
4. Cultural Challenges
5. Logistical Changes
6. Regulatory/Legal Challenges
7. Integrated Multinational Services Provider 


This study evaluates six markets/countries based on criteria such as: 
•    Access to infrastructure
•    Market-based pricing
•    Socioeconomic and political context
•    Ease of doing business
•    Availability of services and labour
•    Probability of play success

Countries Includes in this report: 

•    Argentina
•    Brazil
•    Colombia
•    Mexico
•    Peru
•    USA

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