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What is the Digital Oilfield?

Transformative effects from the digital revolution have already been realized across several industries . Over the last 10 years utilizing advanced software and data analysis techniques have been gaining traction and delivering results in the oil and gas industry. Applications include: fleet management, smart video surveillance, remote monitoring, predictive maintenance, and knowledge sharing and collaboration capabilities through cloud technologies, among others. Improved profitability of oil and gas production operations is the Digital Oilfield's ultimate goal.

The Digital Oilfield offers the single most promising solution to many of the oil and gas industry's most pressing issues; cutting production costs, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, and improved operating efficiency and productivity. But as with any potentially disruptive technological change, challenges are faced: barriers to implementation and adoption and technical maturity among others.

JWN's second Digital Oilfield Outlook Report, conducted with partners Siemens, Storm Telematics and GDM Pipelines reveals a number of positive trends emerging in the implementation of digital technologies in the Canadian oil and gas industry. With an emphasis on fleet management and field productivity solutions, the report provides recommendations that could accelerate technology adoption and enhance industry competitiveness.

Who is this report for?

• Leadership and Information Officers in producing companies and tier one suppliers
• Gain insight on what technologies are currently available for improved fleet management and field productivity.
• Read recommendations on how to present a robust business case for technical adoption.
• Understand key benefits and barriers to technology acceptance.

Project and Operations Management

• Discover the many different applications and use cases of digital oilfield technologies.
• Learn the effects that digital implementation had on oil and gas projects and operations from real case studies. Technology providers
• Industry outlook on where the Digital Oilfield currently sits; what technologies appear to hold the most potential in the upcoming years.
• General sentiment towards digital oilfield technologies; technical awareness, organizational readiness to adopt, expected return on investment, etc.

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