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What technologies have the greatest potential to cut costs, boost efficiency and strengthen the bottom line?

JWN’s next insightful report in the Digital Oilfield series focuses on Predictive Maintenance and Production Asset Optimization—two of the most highly rated Digital Oilfield solutions for their ability to impact the bottom line.

Learn how these technologies can generate ROI with little upfront investment by:

- Maximizing the application of existing assets
- Maintaining systems and equipment at optimum levels
- Minimizing costly production upsets and downtime

What are the potential benefits and barriers to the implementation of these technologies?

JWN, with partners GE, SAS, Panoptic Automation Solutions and ABB Group, reached out to oil and gas industry professionals through a quantitative survey and one-on-one interviews to understand industry perceptions of Predictive Maintenance and Production Asset Optimization.

Top perceived benefits of these technologies:

- Predictive Maintenance: the ability to decrease costly unplanned outages
- Production Asset Optimization: reduced maintenance and repair costs and increased asset uptime

What is Digital Oilfield?

Transformative effects from the digital revolution have already been realized across several industries. Over the last 10 years utilizing advanced software and data analysis techniques have been gaining traction and delivering results in the oil and gas industry. Applications include: fleet management, smart video surveillance, remote monitoring, predictive maintenance, and knowledge sharing and collaboration capabilities through cloud technologies, among others. Improved profitability of oil and gas production operations is the Digital Oilfield's ultimate goal.
Target Audiences

- Asset Management
- Construction Services
- Data Management
- Drilling Services
- Engineering Firms
- Environmental
- Health and Safety
- Exploration and Production companies
- Midstream operators
- Procurement

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