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Through our new Country Analysis subscription, Evaluate Energy provides support for business development professionals in the north American oil service sector looking to expand their business model overseas.

The new subscription can quickly and cost-effectively assist key business development professionals in learning about, understanding and keeping on the pulse of the oil and gas sector of any country or region, with just a few clicks.

If you are looking for opportunities in Iran, Saudi Arabia or Kuwait in the Middle East, or maybe Latin American opportunities in Mexico or Argentina, or any other country or region, Evaluate Energy is a vital tool to ensure that you are fully prepared before any expensive overseas business trip or key investment decision.

Included in the Evaluate Energy Country Analysis Subscription:

  • News - Our extensive news coverage keeps you up to date with all the important oil and gas developments in the countries that matter to you
  • Markets, Demand and Supply - Our oil and gas production, reserve and consumption data by country is key in analysing potential market size in every region of the world
  • Assets - Our detailed overview of all exploration blocks, development projects and discoveries in any country will help you zero in on the best opportunities
  • Refineries and LNG - Our refinery and LNG databases provide essential information on existing and future infrastructure in any given oil and gas market
  • NOC’s estimated production, expenditure and reserves for the world’s top oil & gas companies.

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