Free: Is Canadian Oil & Gas Sustainable at $50 Oil?

A statistical look at how Canadian producers are being squeezed by low prices

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Gain a deeper understanding with this data-backed look that quantifies the effects of falling oil prices on the Canadian oil and gas industry.

This study includes break even, production and debt metrics on 50 of the biggest Canadian domestic and North American producers. We analyze the relationship between their financial health and benchmark oil and gas prices, exposing the vulnerabilities of the industry during uncertain times.

Download the free report, outlining:

  • A break even analysis for the 50 companies as a whole at various benchmark price environments
  • How declining prices have impacted company valuations since September 2014
  • How high debt ratios are leaving some companies scrambling to respond to changing market conditions, and who is holding the highest levels of debt       
  • What protection can be realized though hedging arrangements  
  • Predictions on next moves if prices stay low for a prolonged period

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