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Alberta’s heavy industrial construction industry is facing a crisis. Ongoing poor project management and delivery performance has critically reduced investor confidence to levels that threaten the marketplace. The dramatic and continued drop in crude oil pricing has exacerbated the issue. Industry can correct this course and become internationally competitive. Stakeholders across the project delivery chain know what needs to be fixed and have the resources to do it.

Working with its partners COAA and GO Productivity, JWN has conducted a comprehensive review of research into the factors that contribute to poor project delivery in Alberta, as well as the many solutions that have been identified.

This report will summarize the challenges the heavy industrial construction industry is facing and outlines key strategies for improvement. It also identifies how you, as a key industry stakeholder, can help.

Who is this report for?

• Project managers
• Owners and operators
• Project/field engineers
• Service and supply contractors
• Supply chain management professionals working on industrial construction projects

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