Free: Trends in Cash Flow for U.S. Oil & Gas Companies

Assessing the impacts of cuts in capital expenditures, cash from operating activities and financing gaps

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This report, created using the Evaluate Energy Financial and Operating Database, examines the relationship between operating cash flow and capital expenditure – and why it’s crucial to U.S. energy companies.

Our analysis of 68 representative U.S. oil and gas companies from our complete coverage of all U.S. stock exchange-listed operators explores the internal financing gap between operating cash flow and cap-ex.

Inside this FREE 24-page Study:

  • The main reasons for the convergence in the internal financing gaps across the U.S. oil and gas industry and the types of company that are more reliant on externally generated cash to fund their spending
  • Details on the degree to which lower spending is beginning to impact production
  • Why smaller producers face greater financing gaps than their larger producing counterparts
  • Why oil-focused producers faced larger financing gaps than more gas-focused companies
  • Regional analysis focused on Bakken, Permian Basin and Marcellus producers
  • Estimates on how far benchmark prices need to rise for U.S. oil and gas companies to entirely fund their cap-ex spends with operating cash flow

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