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In a highly competitive, low-oil price environment, energy companies must evolve their approach to connect with target customers.

The future of Marketing is here
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Content Marketing

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What is Content Marketing for the Energy Sector?

88% of B2B companies use content marketing

In order to adapt to the new low commodity price environment, both buyers and sellers are changing the way they connect with potential customers:

Buyers are changing buying practices:
With a significant number of geoscientists and engineers retiring from the industry, a new generation of decision makers is taking their place. The new generation of leaders will be more connected, plugged in and open to globalization. Buyers are now looking for qualified information, not just a sales pitch.


Companies are differentiating themselves:
Technology has lowered the barriers to entry in the energy sector. Buyers have more choices, but they also face the dilemma of determining which vendor they can trust. Energy companies need to establish credibility in the marketplace. In our Going Global export study, we note that companies that position themselves as thought leaders are able to differentiate their services from their competitors’.

Our Clients

A white paper is one of the most effective tools in B2B marketing.


of white paper readers say they hope to learn more about the sponsoring vendors’ solutions

Customers will see you as an authority: The more free, actionable information you provide, the more people will pay for the next level of advice that you have to offer. ​

Customers will trust you:White papers are useful in professionally engaging your customers and building relationships.

Customers will provide their email addresses: Customers will provide their email address, giving you the chance to target them with a captivating email campaign. ​

How can JWN help you?

Choosing JWN means gaining the experience and expertise of Canada's leading publishing and energy marketing company. We will:

INFORM buyers and executives and establish credibility in the energy sector

Our team has years of technical writing experience and in-depth understanding of the energy sector to help you develop a targeted and tailored white paper for your audience.

CONNECT with your targeted audience and generate leads in the energy sector

JWN can help you significantly increase your return on investment in terms of generating new leads, creating brand awareness and establishing an expert reputation.

GROW your brand awareness and attract new opportunities in the energy sector

JWN offers a diverse set of marketing solutions to fit every budget and reach any job function. We can leverage our Daily Oil Bulletin and jwnenergy.com platforms to help you reach your target audience.

Experience You Can Trust

  • Going Global Phase 2

    Distributed to over 1700 leaders and experts within the target industry

  • Going Global Phase 1

    Exceeded target downloads by 40% in 4 weeks

  • 2016 Oil and Gas Service Outlook

    2016 Oil and Gas Service Outlook

    Achieved target downloads in 1 week

  • 2017 Oil and Gas Service Outlook

    Generated 30% more than required target downloads in 2 weeks

  • Digital Oilfield

    Exceeded target downloads by 30% in 3 weeks

  • Digital Oilfield

    Exceeded target downloads by 20% in 4 weeks

  • Packers Plus White Paper

    Exceeded target downloads by 200% in 1 week

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