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During these highly volatile times, the Daily Oil Bulletin's Energy Excellence Awards identify the essential work companies are doing to meet industry challenges – with a special focus on project execution, technical innovation, export capabilities and environmental performance. 

The DOB is sharing these stories through both editorial articles and a collection of audio discussions. Click here to access the editorial content and discussions.

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Here are the panel discussion dates and topics:  

May 13-15, 2020  

Project Execution Excellence:   

  • Industry Accelerators  
  • Oil & Gas  
  • Oilsands  

The Project Excellence Awards focus on the best projects (big & small) and operational collaborations completed in Canada in 2019. The submissions were judged based on:  

  • Project performance   
  • Environmental performance    
  • Collaboration    
  • Unique technologies and processes    
  • Corporate Social Responsibility   

Project Excellence Category


Industry Accelerators
  • Emissions Reduction Alberta  
  • Natural Gas Innovation Fund  
  • Petroleum Technology Alliance Canada  
  • ConocoPhillips with ARIS-Stream Lab
Oil and Gas
  • ConocoPhillips Canada  
  • Skye Asset Retirement Inc. 
  • Velvet Energy Ltd.
  • Cenovus Energy 
  • Greenfire Oil & Gas Ltd.  
  • Meg Energy  

May 20-22, 2020  

Innovation & Technology Excellence   

  • Digital Oilfield  
  • Drilling through Completions  
  • Production  

The Innovation and Research Excellence Awards focus on the most impactful technologies commercialized before the end of 2019. The submissions were judged on the following criteria:  

  • Industry impact   
  • Collaboration   
  • Business impact   

Innovation & Technology Excellence


Digital Oilfield
  • Blackline Safety  
  • Precision Drilling Corporation  
  • RS Energy Group  
  • Velvet Energy Ltd.  

Drilling through Completions

  • Frac Shack International Inc.  
  • Interface Fluidics Limited 
  • Tourmaline Oil Corp. 
  • Ambyint  
  • General Energy Recovery Inc.
  • GHGSat Inc.  

May 27-29, 2020  

Environmental Excellence  

  • Cleantech: Land  
  • Cleantech: Water  
  • Cleantech: Air (GHG)   

The Environmental Excellence Awards focus on economic means to solving environmental challenges as it relates to:  

  • Business impact 
  • Industry impact 
  • Collaboration

Environmental Excellence


  • Canadian Natural Resources Limited 
  • Eavor Technologies Inc. 
  • Westgen Technologies Inc. 
  • Acceleware Ltd.  
  • Cenovus Energy 
  • ConocoPhillips Canada
  • MOVAC Mobile Vacuum Services Ltd.   
  • Tourmaline Oil Corp.
  • Trace Water Solutions Ltd.

June 3-5, 2020  

Exporting Excellence  

  • Advanced Technologies  
  • Cleantech Products/Services  
  • Oilfield & Professional Service    

The Exporting Excellence Awards focus on the most successful Canadian energy exporters in 2019. The submissions are judged on the following criteria, and in relation to the products or services they provide in the various sub-categories:  

  • Percentage of exports revenues from overall revenues  
  • Annual export growth  
  • Expanding exports to new markets  
  • Unique partnerships or collaboration enabling export growth  

Exporting Excellence


Cleantech Products
  • Questor Technology Inc.  
  • Valence Natural Gas Solutions 
Advanced Technology
  • Ambyint  
  • Interface Fluidics Limited 
  • RS Energy Group  
Oilfield & Professional Services
  • Belgrave Oil & Gas Corporation   
  • Master Flo Valve Inc.  
  • Steelhaus Technologies Inc.

To read more information on our finalists and find out who the Champions are in Project, Innovation and Technology, Environmental and Exporting, visit the Daily Oil Bulletin.


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