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How can artificial intelligence and machine learning enable Alberta to thrive in a competitive, low-carbon world? 

With the support of the RBC Foundation, the Energy Futures Lab (EFL) has been exploring the intersection between artificial intelligence, machine learning, energy and climate since fall 2018.                 

The EFL’s Energy.AI initiative overarching ambition is to develop collaborative initiatives that apply machine learning and artificial intelligence to address climate change and environmental challenges within the energy and power sectors. 

Machine learning can be applied in the analysis of historical data, such as energy production a consumption, and turn them into predictive models. These technologies can help organizations turn quality data into insight and advanced analytics into foresight, resulting in greater efficiency and improved decision quality. 

Since 2018, the EFL has held three Energy.AI workshops to explore the potential of new digital innovations.  

The first Energy.AI workshop shared insights and experiences from seasoned AI and energy innovators and practitioners, as well as creating a space for dialogue and experimentation.  

The second workshop, Energy.AI2, focused on digital up-skilling and building awareness on how machine learning can be applied to energy and climate challenges, and on crafting compelling “problem statements” related to energy, climate and digital innovation. 

The third event in the Energy.AI series, the Energy.AI3 Accelerator, harnessed the expertise of technology innovators to work with energy professionals to advance solutions for a small set of problem statements identified at the previous Energy.AI2 workshop.  

The three areas of focus were:  

  • Industrial Energy Efficiency and Reducing Emissions with AI  
  • Improving Power System Data Quality to enable AI Applications   
  • Advanced Technologies to Depolarize Energy Dialogues   

This report records the progress made in advancing solutions to these problem statements at the Energy.AI3 Accelerator event.  

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